Australian money

Membership fees

Non-singing members

  • Annual membership     $25 per year

Singing members

  • Annual membership     $25 per year ($7 per quarter)
  • Term fees – one of:
    – Sisters InSync only
    $115 per quarter
       (Concession $70)
    – InSync Sound only
       $115 per quarter
    (Concession $70)
    – Both choirs
       $130 per quarter
    (Concession $80)

The full term fee is due, even if you don’t attend every week.

Additional costs (from time to time) may include:

  • Basic costumes
    (most accessories are provided by the Association)
  • Travel  when performing beyond the local area
    (sometimes accommodation also)
  • Workshops and special events

Association funds

  • Our operating income is derived mainly from membership fees, performance bookings, event ticket sales and fundraising.
  • This is just enough to cover our general administration costs including insurance, storage and rehearsal venue hire.
  • The Association receives no other regular or recurrent funding. We fund-raise as required from time-to-time for special projects.
  • Occasionally we are fortunate enough to secure a community grant.
  • We strive to keep the costs incurred by members to a minimum.



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